Centinelle chic sense of humor, is a brand of silk scarves, based in San Francisco, California;

 illustrated by hand and then digitally painted.

Cristina Guizar began to build her clothing brand in 2010. Her pieces are focused on craftsmanship. 

Over time Centinelle has evolved and now specializes in designing scarves. Although the shape changed, 

Centinelle never lost the essence of creating her designs by hand.

Inspired by her hobbies like gardening, cats and travel she created a line directed to the good sense of humor.

Every scarf tells a story of mixed memories that somehow make you smile. 

Her way to share this feeling is through each of her designs. 

The handwork of illustrations is inspired also by different eras, ranging from the twenties to the present.

Centinelle seeks to maintain its roots in Mexican culture, through its imagery and inspiration. 

wholesale: cristina@centinelle.com