Cristina Rose-Guizar, founder and designer of the San Francisco-based brand Centinelle creates woven tales with a chic sense of humor. Cristina describes herself as a “hybrid” between a city girl and a nature lover. Her love for animals, the outdoors, and the small pleasures of life is visually apparent in her designs, from cats being abducted from outer space to Bumble bees pollinating cherry tomatoes.

́ ́Fiction, fantasy, memory, and myth are the four words I would select to describe Centinelle”, she states. These words mix magically to inspire Centinelle’s scarves and weave a common thread which informs the narrative behind the brand.

Humor also plays a significant role in Cristina ́s work, both visually and conceptually. “Humor is a part of my daily life, and I would like it to be a part of the lives of many others”.

Centinelle scarves are also influenced by Cristina ́s Mexican heritage as well by the many places she has travelled, specially from her Japan obsession.